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One of our favorite new books in the Carte Blanche bookstore, is Here Far Away, a major retrospective book of Pentti Sammallahti.

Here Far Away is a retrospective work that comprises nearly fifty years of photographic activity and unfolds in almost as many countries. Despite this, Pentti Sammallahti’s discreet title points to the paradox that the photograph always represents a here-and-now: an encounter on the page of the book between artist and viewer, which constantly reflects the capacity of the two to enter into a dialog, to extend the picture’s mirror of the past into the viewer’s present and future.

Pentti Sammallahti began photographing at 11 and by 1971 began to exhibit extensively in Finland and throughout the world. He has traveled widely, from his native Scandinavia, across the Soviet Re- publics through Siberia, across Europe and Great Britain and to Asia and Africa. His travels and interest in fine printing and lithography has led him to publish numerous portfolios and books.

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